Frequently asked questions

Why not use the Jupyter Kernel?

The Jupyter kernel creates a dependency on the python tool chain. If you aren’t already using Python this can be a hassle. Requiring a python environment is an unnecessary dependency if all we want to do is create a simple server to execute shell commands.

If users want to execute python code they can still do it by invoking python in the cell.

  • cleric.io Company building a fully autonomous SRE teammate.
  • runme.dev Devops workflows built with markdown.
  • k8sgpt.ai Tool to scan your K8s clusters and explain issues and potential fixes.
  • Honeycomb Query Assitant
  • Fiberplane Offer collaborative notebooks for incidement management and post-mortems
  • Kubecost Offers a Jupyter notebook interface for analyzing Kubernetes cost data.
  • k9s Offers a terminal based UI for interacting with Kubernetes.
  • Waveterm AI Open Source Terminal
  • warp.dev AI based terminal which now supports notebooks