Getting Started

Getting started with Foyle


Prerequisites: VSCode & RunMe

Foyle relies on VSCode and to provide the frontend.

  1. If you don’t have VSCode visit the downloads page and install it
  2. Follow instructions to install the extension in vscode

Install Foyle

  1. Download the latest release from the releases page

  2. On Mac you may need to remove the quarantine attribute from the binary

    xattr -d /path/to/foyle


  1. Configure your OpenAPI key

    foyle config set openai.apiKeyFile=/path/to/openai/apikey
    • If you don’t have a key, go to OpenAI to obtain one
  2. Start the server

    foyle serve
    • By default foyle uses port 8080 for the http server and port 9080 for gRPC

    • If you need to use different ports you can configure this as follows

    foyle config set server.httpPort=<YOUR HTTP PORT>
    foyle config set server.grpcPort=<YOUR GRPC PORT> 
  3. Inside VSCode configure RunMe to use Foyle

    1. Open the VSCode setting palette
    2. Search for Runme: Foyle Address
    3. Set the address to localhost:${GRPC_PORT}
      • The default port is 9080
      • If you set a non default value then it will be the value of server.grpcPort

Try it out!

Now that foyle is running you can open markdown documents in VSCode and start interacting with foyle.

  1. Inside VSCode Open a markdown file or create a notebook; this will open the notebook inside RunMe

    • Refer to RunMe’s documentation for a walk through of RunMe’s UI
    • If the notebook doesn’t open in RunMe
      1. right click on the file and select “Open With”
      2. Select the option “Run your markdown” to open it with RunMe
  2. You can now add code and notebook cells like you normally would in vscode

  3. To ask Foyle for help do one of the following

    • Open the command pallet and search for Foyle generate a completion
    • Use the shortcut key:
      • “win;” - on windows
      • “cmd;” - on mac

Customizing Foyle VSCode Extension Settings

Customizing the Foyle Server Address

  1. Open the settings panel; you can click the gear icon in the lower left window and then select settings
  2. Search for Foyle
  3. Set Runme: Foyle Address to the address of the Foyle server to use as the Agent
    • The Agent handles requests to generate completions

Customizing the keybindings

If you are unhappy with the default key binding to generate a completion you can change it as follows

  1. Click the gear icon in the lower left window and then select “Keyboard shortcuts”
  2. Search for “Foyle”
  3. Change the keybinding for Foyle: generate a completion to the keybinding you want to use

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